We have assessed our practice for risks outlined and put in additional processes as detailed below

Undertaken a risk assessment11.7.2023 (to be reviewed on change of Government guidance or if indicated by the Institute of Osteopathy that this is necessary sooner or with a change of premises).
Heightened cleaning regimesClinic rooms will be sanitised before and after every patient including all hard surfaces – treatment couch, desk, floor, door handles, card payment terminals and washable pillows.

Washrooms are under the care and supervision of the Lordswood Leisure Centre.

Increased protection measures No linen is used on the couches, they are fully washable surfaces.  The pillowcases are waterproof and will be sanitised after every use.  There are single-use blankets for use due to the cold (one blanket per patient) and these are stored in a lidded container to prevent cross contamination.

Cashless card payments are in place and online bookings are available.

Masks will no longer be worn as standard, however, are available on request for use by both patients and practitioners. High alcohol hand sanitiser will be used on entrance to the clinic.  Disposable gloves, disposable aprons, safety goggles/visors will be worn where deemed appropriate by the risk assessment.

Staff trainingPractitioners have been sent printed guidelines on all clinic policies regarding infection control measures and are advised on any changes to these policies as they arise. Practitioners have received training in the correct usage of PPE including how to don and doff (take on/take off) safely as well as the safe disposal of this PPE and hand washing procedures.  Also in the clinic room there are printed, laminated information sheets produced by the Institute of Osteopathy on the order of donning/doffing  of PPE.
Providing remote/ telehealth consultationsAll patients are sent a communication when they book an appointment which offers telehealth appointments and asks them to rebook if they are feeling unwell in any way, for example, signs of Covid and/or other respiratory infection (cold/flu) such as a cough, sore throat, congestion, temperature or loss of taste/smell.  Patients are screened again on the day of treatment for any illnesses.
(Document last updated:  11.07.2023)