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Here are the questions we more frequently get asked. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q) How does osteopathy work?

A) Osteopaths use their hands to treat muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and the skeleton to ensure good structure and function of the body.  This is key to the osteopath's role in assisting the body to self-repair and maintain health.

The different types of techniques osteopaths have to offer is very useful as it allows a flexible and adaptable treatment approach to suit every individual.  Treatment involves stretching, articulation, massage and manipulation to increase the range of movement in all the joints of the body (not only the spine) as well as reducing muscle tension and pain.  However, osteopathy is not only about removing pain, we are also concerned with what the underlying cause of the pain is.  Whether it is caused by a postural problem, injury or occupation, we aim to help our patients to reduce these strains on the body by treatment as well as by exercise and postural advice.


Q) What happens during the initial consultation/do I receive treatment?

A) Yes, you will receive treatment on your first visit. First, a full case history will be taken. This will include questions about the area of pain but also about any medical conditions you may have or may run in your family, medications and occupation, hobbies and lifestyle information. This helps to gain a full and detailed picture of your health as well as any strains/pressures that your body may be subjected to in your daily routine.

Then a full investigation of both the area in pain and your general posture will be carried out and you will be asked to carry out some simple movements to assess how your spine or relevant joints move and to detect any strains or dysfunction in areas of your body. The diagnosis and treatment approach will be explained to you and any questions you may have will be fully answered prior to commencing any treatment.


Q) How much do the treatments cost?

A) Click here to find out more.


Q) Where are you based?

A) Lordswood, near Chatham.


Q) Where should I park?

A) We are based in the leisure centre, not the social club, so please turn right as you come off of North Dane Way and follow the signs to the leisure centre. Then park in the leisure centre's car park and walk back the way you drove until you find some double glass doors.  This is the main entrance to the leisure centre.


Q) Whereabouts are you within the centre?

A) When you come into the centre via the double glass doors, walk past the reception desk on your left and turn left. This will take you down a long corridor which bends to the right.  Follow this corridor right down to the bottom past the sports halls and we are the last door on the left.  There is a big blue sign at the end of the corridor to show you where we are.  There are blue seats in our reception area, so please take a seat and your osteopath will take you through for treatment when they are ready for you.


Q) What should I wear to the appointment?

A) As the assessment of the area in pain and your posture involves a visual inspection, it may require you to undress down to your underwear, however, if you are not comfortable with this, please feel free to wear shorts/vest top over your underwear.


Q) Do I need to see my GP before visiting your clinic?

A) No, you do not need a referral from your GP to see us, you can book directly with us. However, if during your treatment we feel that there is a medical concern that requires further investigation/imaging, it may be appropriate for us to refer you to your GP to organise these tests.  We will only do so with your consent and will not contact your GP without your written consent to do so.


Q) Are osteopaths regulated?

A) Yes, all osteopaths are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council and must be registered with them to practice as osteopaths in the UK.


Q) How long are the appointments?

A) The initial consultation will last up to one hour, with follow up treatments being either 30 or 45 minutes long


Q) How many appointments will I need?

A) Unfortunately, this is a very difficult question to answer as every injury and every body is different.  However, once we have seen you and formulated a diagnosis and treatment plan, we will be able to give you a guideline on the number of treatments it is likely to take to resolve your injury prior to commencing treatment.  This is only a guide because different people respond differently to treatment, however, we will always discuss your treatment plan with you and adapt our techniques to make sure your treatment is as effective as possible. 


Q) Is there an age limit to treatment?

A) No, due to the diverse range of techniques that osteopaths use, there is no lower or upper age limit that would restrict treatment. We see babies from days old up to adults who are 99 years old or above.


Q) Do you have disabled access?

A) Yes, we do. There is a ramp to take you down the corridor to get to us and we are fully equipped with disabled access doors within the clinic.


Q) What is your cancellation policy/how do I cancel my appointment?

A) We have a 24-hour notice period for cancellations and we kindly ask that this is adhered to unless of course in an emergency situation. Cancellations after this time may incur a charge.  You can cancel your appointment via telephone, online booking or via email.

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Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic

The Lords wood Osteopathic Clinic was established and is run by Sue Jennings, BSc (Hons), Osteopath. The Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic is situated on the ground floor of Lordswood Leisure Centre, North Dane Way, Chatham, with plenty of free parking and disabled access. The clinic is open during the daytime on Monday to Friday, evening appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings. Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic staff are all registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).