Looking After The Mind As Well As The Body

keeping active

We have all heard of the mind, body, spirit triangle but do we really understand what that means and if so, do we act on it and make the changes necessary to look after ourselves?

How many times have we rubbed our necks or shoulders because we are 'stressed' or how many times have we said “my head hurts because I am so stressed”.  These things are commonly understood but rarely acted on to change them or even better, to prevent them happening in the first place.

Now, more than ever, it is so important to look after ourselves mentally as well physically.  We are in the middle of a huge global crisis, the likes of which we have never seem before.  We are experiencing stress levels that are through the roof.  Our daily challenges are immense – whether they are financial, business or family related – everything has changed and its throwing us all massive curve balls to deal with.  We must therefore look after our mental health and help ourselves to deal with these challenges.  There are lots of simple ways to help lift our mood into a more positive mind set which will help us deal with these huge daily stress levels.  Some things to try include:

  • Exercise – this does not mean you have throw yourself into some really intense running or cycling or go for a 10k hike.  Just find an exercise that makes you happy.  If running, cycling or hiking are your things, then great, if not, then that's fine too.  Perhaps you like to dance?  Great – there is nothing better than dancing to your favourite song and it will soon have your endorphins (happy hormones) flowing and your heart rate up.  The same with housework – this is a great form of exercise!  Ever tried dusting with your favourite tune on turned up loud and not end up dancing around?  Remember – exercise because you love what you are doing and not because you have to.
  • Mind set exercises – there are so many positive mind set exercises available online now, it has never been so easy to reset your mindset at home.  Things like mindfulness, gratitude exercises or meditation can all be very effective.  So can things like writing a daily journal or learning something new.  They can all have a very uplifting affect on our minds and therefore help us to cope with stress so much better.
  • Offloading – knowing that is ok to say 'no' sometimes.  Don't try and take on the world. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself is a sure way to make us feel stressed and overwhelmed.  Remember to respect your limits – say no when you need to and ask for help.
  • Get help – if you are struggling with mental health issues and things are getting on top of you, no matter how hard you try to stay positive, please ask for help.  There are lots of great mental health professionals out there all trained and equipped with the tools to help you.  Please shout out for help and don't let things get too much for you.