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Sports Massage

Tight and tired muscles can be very painful and debilitating to everyday life work or hobbies.  These problems are very common across the shoulders, in the low back and pelvis (gluteal/buttock muscles) and in the legs – especially in the thighs and calves. Often they are caused by overworking our muscles during our sports or hobbies.  Things like gardening for too long or carrying out lots of heavy lifting in the garden or at work.  However, also things like sitting still for too long can cause these types of problems too, for example, lots of driving or working at a desk.


Sports massage is a great way to lengthen and relax these tight muscles which helps to reduce pain and increase flexibility/mobility in the area.  There are different lengths of time available for sports massage to suit every individual's needs depending on the severity of the problem or the size of the area needing treatment.  Following the massage, your therapist will give you advice on things like staying hydrated, resting periods after exercise/work and postural advice if applicable, to keep you well and to help prevent these problems reoccurring.

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Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic

The Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic was established and is run by Sue Jennings, BSc (Hons), Osteopath. The Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic is situated on the ground floor of Lordswood Leisure Centre, North Dane Way, Chatham, with plenty of free parking and disabled access.

The clinic is open during the daytime on Monday to Friday, evening appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings. We are also open on a Saturday from 9am -1pm. Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic staff are all registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

Institute of Osteopathy (iO)

Sue Jennings is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy (iO). The iO is the largest membership body of osteopaths in the UK and works to support, unite, develop and promote the osteopathic profession for the benefit of patient health.