Prevention is Better Than Cure

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How many times have I been told by patients that they have overdone things?  Too many to remember!  During lockdown it is way too easy to overdo things because we want to keep active and stop us getting bored or frustrated.  The following activities are great boredom busters and are also great for your positivity mindset but please be careful – don't overdo it!

Gardening and DIY – it's easy to lose track of time when we are involved in a task.  The classic line 'I'll just finish this bit' can be very dangerous!  If you are tired or achy – stop!  Little and often wins the race.

Housework – people don't always realise how challenging hoovering is on the body until it's too late!  It is a very physical job and causes quite a lot of strain because of the forward bending and twisting around that we do.  Please be cautious – especially when lugging a heavy hoover up and down the stairs.

Playing physical games – how many times have our children begged us to join in with their game of swingball, twister or skipping?  Things that we haven't done ourselves for years and yet we throw ourselves into them with gusto and so often end up hurting ourselves.  Please take it easy, especially in lockdown when hands-on treatment isn't available and please respect your limitations when running around with the kids.

New exercise – a lot of people are using lockdown as the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby or sport and that is really great but please take it slowly when starting anything new.  You are using your muscles in a completely different way than your body is used to and this can sometimes lead to injury if we jump in too hard and fast.  The key to preventing these injuries is to start slowly and gradually build up the frequency and intensity of this new exercise.