Working from Home Safely for Your Body

Due to the government guidance continuing to be that working from home should be actively encouraged wherever possible, there are now more and more people working remotely at home instead of in their offices.  Whilst this is obviously the safest option with regards to the pandemic, it can be very challenging on our bodies to work at home especially if we do not have an office to work out of and instead rely on using a dining room table or a kitchen counter.

The postures that we find ourselves in during long hours of working incorrectly can be extremely difficult for our muscles and joints to cope with.  Aches and pains can soon arrive, commonly in our low back, hips, necks and shoulders.  These pains can become a very big problem for us and can stop us enjoying our hobbies, our family life or even stop us working altogether.

To reduce the stress on our bodies and in fact, to try and prevent these injuries occurring in the first place, we at the Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic are pleased to be able to offer virtual work station assessments via the company Revitalise-U.

Laura and Jo who run Revitalise-U are qualified and insured Display Screen Equipment Assessment Assessors and are also trained Mental Health at Work First Aiders.  They provide practical solutions to overcome the difficulties of working from home and therefore give us easy to implement solutions to prevent the wear and tear poor working postures have on our bodies.  Small, simple changes to our work set up, chair, screen height, etc, can give large improvements to our physical well being.  Read more. 

For more information on how Revitalise-U can help you with a virtual workstation assessment please click here.